You know you have big, curly, hair when:

1.) The back of your head is flat after driving.

2.) Your hair gets caught in all kinds of doors (and zippers and earrings)

3.) Before buying a coat you make sure the hood can fit over your hair and might have to buy a bigger size to do so.

4.) There is most likely lint somewhere in there.

5.) “just pulling your hair into a ponytail/bun” is a serious decision.

6.) You break hair ties on the regular.

7.) “a quarter-sized” (does anyone measure?) amount of product NEVER was enough!

8.) You’ve started to think you’re a model whenever you go into Target (or JCPENNY or SEARS).

9.) “windswept hair” looks like it.

10.) You’ve developed a strategic way to picking your seat in class.

11.) You would be an exception to the draft.

12.) You might be an candidate to be a rock star.

13.) Part of your hair has been cut out pictures.

14.) On a long train ride you don’t need a pillow.

15.) You can freely block out reality at any moment if need be.


Sorry, I Don’t Do Magic

Have you ever wondered why so many women straightened their hair and continue to adhere to some beauty standard while making themselves miserable? I have.

“Your dad said you had a hair website that helped hair grow.” A woman said to me as I was applying Curls Goddess Glaze Styler in the seat of my car.

“We’ll, yes, I do have a website that talks about curly hair and products,” I responded while showing her the bottle. She barely glanced at it and started to turn away.

“Oh, but do you have anything that will make my hair grow? You see my hair was really short but I put it in braids. But then I permed it. That’s why I wear a wig.”

“We’ll, you use products will moisture your hair will grow and you won’t have to get a perm.” I said while applying more cream and feeling as if this lady was not listening.

“Oh, yes I’ve seen all these hair products for natural hair but I want something that will make my hair grow.” She said while finally walking away.

“Sorry, I don’t do that.”

Need I explain?

Why yes, you shall.

Oh alright. As you can see from my reenacted exchange this woman didn’t get it. She wanted a magic ointment to solve her problem. I gave her the realistic alternative:

1.) Stop Perming hair (and yes, I know it a “blowout”)
2.) Come to terms with the fact that your hair will look a mess for a while ( after all you think you’re natural texture is hideous to begin with and you’ve almost killed it with toxic chemicals.)
3.) Use organic products that provide moisture and nutrients

And she still wanted this imaginary solution that will put a pretty fix to the problem she did to herself. And to top it all off she wanted to re-damage her hair after it grew. Now, I wish I had such a product but even if I did relaxers, the power of choice and Hollywood are still out there.

In the city I live in this is what I’m usually around. Sometimes when I write this blog I think that everyone already knows that needs to know. The fact is: they don’t . Even though how said and frustrating this exchange was it has inspired me.

So, tell me, what makes your hair grow?

Are you being Honestly Healthy?

Whenever someone asks me if I eat healthy and exercise I enthusiastically exclaim “Yeah!”. But in reality I usually don’t. I think about eating healthy while reaching for the last Swiss Roll. I know how to eat right but actually don’t follow a good eating habits. Eating healthy, drinking lots of water are great for your body as well as your hair.

Now, exercise. I like to say I a “fitness freak” but really that was only for one summer. I kinda a bed potato. Okay, so everyday I jump around my room pretending to part of a Bhangra dance team but besides that I don’t keep a schedule.

I’m thin but out of shape
So I recently took rowing lessons! However, there was lots of rain so I didn’t get much actually out-in-the- water experience. But I learned something new. Rowing is hard. Especially when you are out of shape.

So in summary, this summer I’m calling the summer of health. I’m going to try my hardest to be healthy and exercise.

So tell me, are you honestly healthy?

Finally, getting rid of my dandruff, don’t lie–you have some too.

I’m finally back from the beyond. Beyond being “beyond the outer edges of the computer screen”. I was bus—no I wasn’t. I was just watching the paint peel (my house is that old) while thinking about writing a post–for over a month. Since, I now have a real job I have a real schedule and therefore get out of bed every day I will try to write more frequently.

Now, the title of this post was not “blab about absence of blogger” but something…about dandruff (yes, already forgot and no, I cannot “just scroll up”).

I recently, I got tired of always having flakes falling onto my keyboard and decided to conquer my dandruff. So I took out my sword….I mean I bought some witch hazel ($6- generic drugstore near you), found some lemons in the fridge, and boiled 1 cup of water. I squeezed what I think was three tablespoons of lemon juice from the two lemons, and squeezed enough witch hazel into the hot water. ( I lost my measuring equipment so I guesstimate. Also, idk if ppl actually follow directions really.)

Then I washed my hair (along with taking a shower-not dunking head in sink) and then dump the, lets call it “potion” on my head. It wasn’t boiling hot by this time. Even though it seemed like I was throwing water on my head I felt the smooth witch hazel against my scalp. I took some and put in on my hair and applied it to my hair from root to end. I repeated until the potion was all gone.

I styled my hair as usual (said the product label) and my curls came out extra shiny. I’m supposed to do this treatment 2-3 times a week. But then again the girl in the article I looked at had straight hair and probably washed her hair every day. so I’ll just do it wash and deep condition.

well, that’s all for now, stay tuned for my weekend hair style. I’m going to my friends’ graduation and I’m planning on looking super cute.


First Curly post: My Mane

Hi, my name is Margaret and I have been “naturally” curly all my life. What is “naturally” curly you ask? Well, its what my hair is like when I jump (literally) out of the shower. Exactly that. With all the hair extensions,relaxers,weaves, products that “add volume to limp strands”, texturizers some people find it hard to believe that yes, this huge mane of hair is all mine. It’s also almost always an expectation to be ready to explain to the random black policeman hanging out in the hair isle at the drugstore that I have never had a relaxer in my life.

Consequently, contrary to many natural hair sites out there I have not recently “transitioned”. However, I would like to share proper hair care of natural hair and join in all the hoopla that revolves around the new natural hair movement.