You know you have big, curly, hair when:

1.) The back of your head is flat after driving.

2.) Your hair gets caught in all kinds of doors (and zippers and earrings)

3.) Before buying a coat you make sure the hood can fit over your hair and might have to buy a bigger size to do so.

4.) There is most likely lint somewhere in there.

5.) “just pulling your hair into a ponytail/bun” is a serious decision.

6.) You break hair ties on the regular.

7.) “a quarter-sized” (does anyone measure?) amount of product NEVER was enough!

8.) You’ve started to think you’re a model whenever you go into Target (or JCPENNY or SEARS).

9.) “windswept hair” looks like it.

10.) You’ve developed a strategic way to picking your seat in class.

11.) You would be an exception to the draft.

12.) You might be an candidate to be a rock star.

13.) Part of your hair has been cut out pictures.

14.) On a long train ride you don’t need a pillow.

15.) You can freely block out reality at any moment if need be.


Are you being Honestly Healthy?

Whenever someone asks me if I eat healthy and exercise I enthusiastically exclaim “Yeah!”. But in reality I usually don’t. I think about eating healthy while reaching for the last Swiss Roll. I know how to eat right but actually don’t follow a good eating habits. Eating healthy, drinking lots of water are great for your body as well as your hair.

Now, exercise. I like to say I a “fitness freak” but really that was only for one summer. I kinda a bed potato. Okay, so everyday I jump around my room pretending to part of a Bhangra dance team but besides that I don’t keep a schedule.

I’m thin but out of shape
So I recently took rowing lessons! However, there was lots of rain so I didn’t get much actually out-in-the- water experience. But I learned something new. Rowing is hard. Especially when you are out of shape.

So in summary, this summer I’m calling the summer of health. I’m going to try my hardest to be healthy and exercise.

So tell me, are you honestly healthy?