Hair in Unrelated Ads



I’ve taken this picture from the website, “The Culture,Lifestyle for Black Women”. If you read it with their title “Nubian Skin is Here to Change the Complexion of Lingerie” you would think it’s great that they’re promoting nude color clothing for everyone. You would also assume they are talking about black women when they say “Nubian”.

What I got from glancing at the photo wasn’t some great relief that nude clothing is finally being made. I looked at the picture. The two girls on the right are clearing the “blacks”. They are laughing and stylish (The one with pressed “bad hair” is making her hair attractive by covering it with a colorful scarf/headband and the other with “good hair” has dyed her hair blonde/and is the “wild and crazy one”).

While the other two on the left don’t look like they want to be there. In fact, they don’t look “black”. Being the blacks that care so much about whether or not their clothing matches their skin tone. They look they they were put in the shot because the photographers needed dark-skinned girls with straight hair. Honestly, the one on the far right looks South Asian, and the other mixed/South American. There is no reason they shouldn’t be in the picture. Even though the title says “Nubian” (because all black Americans use this term to make them feel like they know their African heritage) they don’t say explicitly “black” girls and use the term “dark-skinned”. That’s another thing blacks in America do: they assume that all dark-skinned people share their plight, whatever it may be at the moment.

So, the point of this post is to show how hair on dark-skinned/tan skinned women is portrayed in media. This ad wants people to believe that the common black woman has straight hair. That black “comes in all shapes and sizes”. When they know dog gone well that those girls on the right could care less about the bras. Either that or they’re shy. It is also to express my opinion on why “nude like me” is not a phenomenon. It’s a distraction. Who really cares if your bra matches your chest or not?


I’m Natural but not a Beauty Queen

I’ve been looking around at other blogs concerning natural and curly hair. And there are a lot! I’m trying to think of how to stand out from the rest. One of the biggest things I’ve found is that many successful gurus are very fashionable. On top if that many of them are very pretty. Not saying I’m not pretty myself, it’s just that since they care about fashion/beauty more than I do they get more “likes”. Also, hate to say it but girls like sun kiss alba (who I just found on Instagram), have “prettier”/ “better” hair than I do.

Now it may just be my low self-esteem hitting me in the face but do you think it’s possible for more intellectually inclined gals to compete with the current market?

Do I have to glob on makeup, pose with a skin tight outfit that shows off my body (that people have complimented me on so many times) and make a cheesy expression while standing next to a random sunset to get recognition?
Obviously, “sex sells” but what if you have the potential to easily sell it but
aren’t inclined to do so?

See it this way, I’m more like Whoopi Goldberg than Alicia Keys.