This is my hair regime. This is how I keep my hair moisturized.

So after much contemplation I have finally started my blog. My name is Margaret.  I am starting this blog to help promote natural hair, a long time passion of mine.

Straighten it or cut it off

Now, contrary to most naturals out there I have never once had a chemical relaxer. Therefore I have not gone through the traditional “transitioning” stage of my hair journey. My transitioning was more of finding out how to actually manage my hair without simply ignoring, changing it or cutting it off. I grew up either getting my hair braided, hot combed or having it slicked back with gel into a huge bun. When my mother ventured to the hair dresser, at first they would be surprised because of the amount of hair I had and then suggest a box and a half of relaxer which my mother refused. There seemed to not be anything else to do with my natural hair. They were so used to people coming in with very short hair and only wanting to change the texture of it.

This frustrated me. Around age 16 I used a new drugstore brand shampoo and conditioner set and rediscovered my curly hair. It was no longer a tangled mess tied at the back of my head. I then looked for others wearing their hair curly, I found very few. When I was in high school my community along with the media rarely showed curly/ natural hair as being appropriate. The other problem was I couldn’t wear it out without having it frizz up. Many of the products at the store did not work and if they sort of worked they came in small quantities.

Type 3C: Kinky Curly

Then I found This is a resource for all things curly. Here is where I found out my hair type and what products worked best with it. My hair type is 3C or Kinky Curly. This means that I have spiral curls which tend to have high volume and are fine in texture. Here I discovered that there are harmful ingredients in many of the drugstore products.

Dangerous Ingredients

One of the main culprits I look for now are sulfates. Sulfates are in most brands of shampoo found at your neighborhood CVS or WAL-MART. They are the same the same chemicals used in detergents to clean. They are very harmful for hair, especially curly hair. Chemicals dry curly hair out which is exactly the opposite of what it needs.

Curly hair needs as much moisture as possible, especially during the winter and summer months. All natural (organic) products are the best choice. However, as I started finding products such as Mixed Chicks, and Kinky-Curly I found that they were very expensive. Also, I had the same problem which quantity size. I have found some cheaper products. Right now I am using Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Oil Shampoo and Conditioner which are less than $5 each.

My Regime

I wash my hair once a week with a moisturizing shampoo. I make sure I massage it gently onto my scalp. I then use a moisturizing conditioner. I massage this through my hair and scalp as well. Then, before washing out the conditioner, I use a wide tooth comb to comb my curls from the bottom up. (I leave the conditioner on for 1-3 minutes). After my curls are untangled I wash out the conditioner.

After I get out of the shower I do not towel dry my hair. I then apply leave-in conditioner to my dripping wet curls. Ideally, I divide my hair into small sections when applying this ensures that the hair is completely coated. I style my an organic gel and separate my hair just like the leave-in conditioner. After the product is completely worked into my mane I use an essential oil (tea tree oil, olive oil, coconut oil, Argan oil, joboja oil etc.) onto my scalp and ends of my hair to seal in the moisture.

My best days tend to be wash days. During the week I tend to wear my hair in “updos” as my curls aren’t as defined as they were on wash day. To keep my hair moisturized the week I use a spray moisturizer (spritz or water/apple cider vinegar), and if i need to reapply some styler. On day three or so I like to condition my hair only. Every two weeks a deep condition my hair. I usually use the hot oil treatment. This treatment is a simple one. I generously apply a deep conditioning packet (or olive oil) to my hair and scalp. I tie my hair up into a loose bun and put a plastic (see-through) shower cap over my head (I tend to struggle with this since I have lots of hair and the caps are usually on the smaller side). I use a blow dryer to dry the hair for 10-15 minutes then wash out the conditioner. After this treatment I follow the same steps I did when originally washing my hair.

Now, that I know how to correctly manage my mane I would like to share with others who wish to discover and embrace their natural curls.


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