Heat Damage Updos

So since my hair was looking a hot mess I needed to learn how to do updos/protective styling quickly. Sunkiss alba,again, had a video on that since she had extreme heat damage and didn’t want to straighten her hair again.

She made a “braided bun” that consisted of a ponytail braided into three braid,wrapped around and secured with bobby pins. My first go was sloppy,lumpy and curl disaster. I had also tried to do it in three minutes,which didn’t help. My second time turned out well.



(Btw the light brown in my hair is natural highlight. I heard if I use lemon juice and lay/run around in the sun it’ll “bring them out”.)

And since I’m almost always in a rush I decided to just unbraid the braids (OMG that’s where the term “braid-out came from!…I know I’m slow) and call it a style.


My hair’s sooo small! 😝 I’m so that used that. This style is cute. It reminds me of doing braid outs when I was younger in like 5th grade.

Man, right now I’m ready to deep condition my hair an go to bed. Yes!


The Long Aftermath




Yes, what you see there is terrible HEAT DAMAGE! And it seems to be from my “re-straightening” with the flatiron after the hairdresser. It’s been a week and half after I washed my straight hair out and the straight long ends aren’t getting curlier. So I finally cut them off (FYI: big chop gals I feel ya!).

The damage could’ve been worse. I watched Sunkissalba on YouTube. She used to have a ton a heat damage and now her hair is big bouncing curls. I’m going to try her protein/coconut mix to help my hair.

I’m also thinking of trying some products from Lush. There seems to be plenty of great reviews for curly hair.

I don’t think I ever want to straighten my hair again.

Oh no, she didn’t!

So once upon a time my grandmother got me a gift card to the hair salon. Yup! I flatiron end my hair.

Okay okay…it’s not that bad…I haven’t straightened it in 2.5 years! I needed a trim. I’ve been trying to trim my hair myself but it really just been me clipping away at random ends. That equals= LAZY!

Here what my hair looks like:I know it’s terrible!




Now, I tend to get so frustrated with people to wear their hair straight…but if they don’t feel obligated to do so I’m not worried about it. My main thing is I need to co-wash, buy more product/make product, trim every 3 months and wear protective hair styles. I keep thinking my hair is long…umm I just watched Naptural85 on YouTube and her hair has been natural for 5 years and is long. It went from very short to down her back. And look at me…barely any growth. So that’s my year goal-growth!

Sorry, I Don’t Do Magic

Have you ever wondered why so many women straightened their hair and continue to adhere to some beauty standard while making themselves miserable? I have.

“Your dad said you had a hair website that helped hair grow.” A woman said to me as I was applying Curls Goddess Glaze Styler in the seat of my car.

“We’ll, yes, I do have a website that talks about curly hair and products,” I responded while showing her the bottle. She barely glanced at it and started to turn away.

“Oh, but do you have anything that will make my hair grow? You see my hair was really short but I put it in braids. But then I permed it. That’s why I wear a wig.”

“We’ll, you use products will moisture your hair will grow and you won’t have to get a perm.” I said while applying more cream and feeling as if this lady was not listening.

“Oh, yes I’ve seen all these hair products for natural hair but I want something that will make my hair grow.” She said while finally walking away.

“Sorry, I don’t do that.”

Need I explain?

Why yes, you shall.

Oh alright. As you can see from my reenacted exchange this woman didn’t get it. She wanted a magic ointment to solve her problem. I gave her the realistic alternative:

1.) Stop Perming hair (and yes, I know it a “blowout”)
2.) Come to terms with the fact that your hair will look a mess for a while ( after all you think you’re natural texture is hideous to begin with and you’ve almost killed it with toxic chemicals.)
3.) Use organic products that provide moisture and nutrients

And she still wanted this imaginary solution that will put a pretty fix to the problem she did to herself. And to top it all off she wanted to re-damage her hair after it grew. Now, I wish I had such a product but even if I did relaxers, the power of choice and Hollywood are still out there.

In the city I live in this is what I’m usually around. Sometimes when I write this blog I think that everyone already knows that needs to know. The fact is: they don’t . Even though how said and frustrating this exchange was it has inspired me.

So, tell me, what makes your hair grow?

Natural Pride: Are We Naturally Wrong?

There is a lot of debate about what is natural and how to wear your hair. Have you ever stopped to think…mmm how long has this problem been around? It seems to me it’s a phenomenon fabricated by the 20th century.

You see it wasn’t until the early 1900s, when Annie Malone and CJ Walker patented the hot comb. Now, for those of you who do not know a “hot comb” is just as it sounds. That’s right, it’s metal comb when place in fire/on stove becomes hot. It is this comb that people with curly hair,the majority of African-American community, used (and still use) to straighten their hair. This allowed them to fit into white/American society following slavery.

Before this magical device was made what did they use? Well, the slaves probably left their hair be or braided. Of course, there was always other hot tools such as an iron. However, my point is was coarse hair texture (“African”) supposed to be worn “out”. I think it was probably worn in braids, locs, or cut very short. You never see “Afros” in ancient history. I think that this is why their is such a dilemma of wearing straight or natural (besides the whole “white ideal of beauty” thing).

Another reason for not wearing “Afros” would’ve been the climate. It’s hot in Africa and braiding keeping hair short helps keep one cool. American climate varies but is different than that of Africa. We need all these “moisture” hair products. If we were in Africa we wouldn’t need them because our hair would not be drying out. Mmm…we could all move to Africa!

There were, of course, many religious reasons (as in many cultures) where a woman with her hair out was improper.

It’s interesting how we are now wearing our hair out was it meant to be that way?

Curly Hair Meets the Rest of Humanity

So about two weeks ago I was walking through el-generic-mall and a kiosk worker actually stopped me. She took my mere glance over at her flat-iron kiosk and reeled me in. I never stop at these places- I feel bad but hey it’s their job to stop ppl who are walking by.

Anyway, I was very impressed. The young lady was very good with sales. She complimented my curls and healthy skin. And proceeded to straighten a strand of hair with her 100% ceramic flat-iron. Companies or only required to put the word “ceramic” on their packaging, not how much. Only 100% ceramic is good for the hair. I learned that not only did I not need to blow-dry my hair first (less heat damage), but I could retain moisture. It actually made the sales woman’s hair healthier.

After her demonstration she of course tried to sell me the $300 flat-iron for half-price. She had other products as well. I settled for the Her Style Argon oil shampoo and conditioner for $10 total instead of $50!

When I went to use these products the first day was alright. However, I did find one sulfate in the shampoo. The texture was thick and creamy. You didn’t need to use much. I rinsed with apple cider vinegar and did a hot oil treatment which most likely have me better results. Overall, I say I will stay away from sulfate shampoos. After a few days my hair became tangled and bothersome.
I am actually considering only doing a co-wash and no shampoo.




I’m Natural but not a Beauty Queen

I’ve been looking around at other blogs concerning natural and curly hair. And there are a lot! I’m trying to think of how to stand out from the rest. One of the biggest things I’ve found is that many successful gurus are very fashionable. On top if that many of them are very pretty. Not saying I’m not pretty myself, it’s just that since they care about fashion/beauty more than I do they get more “likes”. Also, hate to say it but girls like sun kiss alba (who I just found on Instagram), have “prettier”/ “better” hair than I do.

Now it may just be my low self-esteem hitting me in the face but do you think it’s possible for more intellectually inclined gals to compete with the current market?

Do I have to glob on makeup, pose with a skin tight outfit that shows off my body (that people have complimented me on so many times) and make a cheesy expression while standing next to a random sunset to get recognition?
Obviously, “sex sells” but what if you have the potential to easily sell it but
aren’t inclined to do so?

See it this way, I’m more like Whoopi Goldberg than Alicia Keys.