My name is Margaret. My blog is to help promote natural hair. Many black women have suffered from relaxers (perms) and unhealthy ingredients in their hair products. In the last decade there has a Natural Hair movement explosion that keeps getting bigger.

I, myself, have never had a relaxer. I have type 3c curls (what some black girls will call “good hair”) due to my mixed heritage. Growing up there was no one to look to for my hair issues. All I heard was “cut it off” when my grandmother would tug at my mane with a hot comb or that I needed a “box and a half” when I went to the beauty school to get my hair done. I had the most hair out of all five girls in my family. I hated going to the hairdresser. They would always make a huge fuss about the amount of hair I had. The only way to style my hair was straightening it or putting it in cornrows/braids (I always wished for boxed braids but they always said I had too much hair for it).

When I started doing my own hair I usually just slicked it back with a pound of gel and twisted my hair into a bun at the back of my head. It was very unhealthy for my hair. In high school I discovered that my hair was indeed a curly fro. I’ve never seen my hair bouncy like that before.

However, with this realization came no solstice. My community continued to lack others that looked like me (I lived in a diverse city/school). I was scared to wear my hair out for fear of people thinking my hair was unclean or wild. Another thing that held me back was the fact that it only stayed nice when wet. Meaning, once it dried it was a frizzy mess. All my sisters and my mother have different hair types from my own so I could not go to them for much help.

It wasn’t until early in college that I started to follow natural hair websites and discover all the different companies that have arisen in the last few years that have been dedicated to my hair type! It was nice knowing that I was not alone.

I slowly began to learn all the hair techniques to care for my hair until I can self-proclaim myself to be a “product junkie”.  I want to share my knowledge and experiences with other people.

Although, at times, I wish my hair was straight, since I got lots of compliments when it was, I  am trying my best to wear my hair curly and feel pretty while doing it.


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