Clearing off the Shelf: Most Popular Curly Products sold in Stores

From what I’ve noticed from the shelves of Target and CVS there are some products that are more popular than others. Let’s be clear, these products are not necessarily better than others. They are usually bought based on familiarity and price.

Shea Moisture is among the newest and most popular brands. Here’s why:

      1. They have the lowest prices. Items running from the average $8-$10.99.

      2. They also make products for the other parts of the body (There Avocado Body wash is always off the shelves.

      3. They are 100% Natural (no hidden sulphates in the ingredients)

      4. They cater to different textures of curls (they have 3 complete lines)

Giovanni‘s a popular line because:

        1. It’s 100% natural

        2. Catering to All hair types (therefore it’s in organic section of Target and also sold at Whole Foods)

        3. Sells for $8

        4. You only need to use little bit because it spreads very easily.


Curls is a natural brand catered towards multiethnic women. They’re making bank by:

          1. Mainly selling their styling products in stores

          2. Having bright, attractive packaging

          3. Leading the customer in steps (1-cleanse, 2-condition, 3- moisturize, 4-style) to help new naturals in caring for their hair.

          4. Including a kids line


Now, the main thing Kinky-Curly profits from is

          1. Their amazing Curly Custard Styling product. (However, it run $17 for 8 oz or $35 for 16 oz.)

This is where Mixed Chicks Leave-in Conditioner come into play:

          1. It comes in big bottles for $42

          2. You don’t need a styler!

 Look out for the trends on these curly products and more in your local stores. If you want to catch some of these products, it’s advisable to shop at less shopped stores, such as beauty supply stores and organic food stores.




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