Curls and the workplace




So, this morning my “natural” mother said: “You, know you might have to straighten your hair for work.”

I don’t have a full-time job. I’m still a fairly recent college graduate. I am working on developing my skills in copywriting and design. That being said there is a high probability that I will be working in a more casual environment than the picture above. Therefore, I shouldn’t have to worry about how my hair looks. This especially upset me because I’ve been talking about why it’s important to wear my curly hair. Straightening my hair is a task for me and then I have to maintain it by running away from water. I’m low maintenance, I barely even wear makeup.

I guess this post is really addressing how the older black generation doesn’t “get” why you should not straighten your hair. It’s exhausting and clearly a waste of time to educate them.

So, I’m just going to wear my hair curly and not worry about getting corporate jobs that I don’t want anyway.


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