Curly hair is still a Business

Now, that the Natural hair movement has erupted in the 21st Century so has organic products. But that’s old news. So is my next sentiment. I know people, myself included, are all in agape at the new natural products out there and turn into the product junkie (Yes, addicted to products/squeezing plastic bottles of “lemongrass” and “potassium what’s- it-called” on to our hair).

My realization is that it’s just different companies competing with the same ingredients! And better yet, they’re the same ingredients that have been around forever (well, let’s rephrase that to “as long as we know” ?) . That is why I’ve decided to make homemade products. It’s just the effort part that has to catch up with my bold statement.

Curly hair products are probably even a bigger business than the billion dollar chemical relaxer business of the 20th century. I’m the 19th century they used “homemade” products: things found around the kitchen/near women.

Either way I’ll be paying someone for something. However, I rather not have to agonize over what product to buy based on which one is advertised best.

Thank You.


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