Is it really a curly hairstyle?

Hi, so I’ve been gone for awhile (why am I writing this like a letter?) but you, all 30 followers already knew that. Instead of saying I was busy or some other excuse I’ll say I was lacking in ideas for hot content similar to what’s around. Personally, I’m not that much into beauty/fashion more healthy hair/skin. It narrows my topics.

However, other people are interested in the aforementioned. I sometimes view Naptural85’s videos on YouTube and get very inspired. Her hair was very short and in a few years it’s longer than mine 😒.
She makes lots of her own products. Such as some flaxseed gel, which I sloppily made myself (she made it look so clean and easy! Lol)

She cute and great and all (and has millions of views) but I’ve noticed one thing: she stretches her hair to make the hair styles. So basically instead of using heat/flatiron she just roller set, braids/pins hair to stretch it to make a hairstyle. And so these hairstyles are still for STRAIGHT HAIR. I searched a bit for some more videos and the only thing I found for unaltered curly hair was the pompadour( (? )i.e. big bun lingering over your forehead)

Even after all this naturalista revolution it still seems that people are taking reference from straight hair. The hair styles out there I use like the twisted high bun are for when my curls are several days old and looking old. But I find very few hairstyles for curly hair that is not being apologetic: “Well, we could pin a few strands back here and presto a style! Otherwise, you’ll have to use curl formers. And by the way girl, if I had your hair I would do just that.”

Again, just my observations as a low maintenance mane.


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